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Wear your protective gear. Spread a lightly colored sheet on the ground and then place the breathable box on it. Gently move the bees into the box. Aim for the queen because, without her, all the moved bees will fly back to her. Keep moving the bees until they stay in the box.. Fun Bumblebees Facts. 1. The Bumblebee Sting. The female bumblebee can and will sting when threatened. Bumblebees can sting multiple times, unlike a honeybee, because the stinger is smooth, and does not come away when used. 2. The Bumblebee Nest. Bumblebees are a type of ground bee, building their nest in the soil underground. 4. Vinegar spray. Vinegar spray is a great option to remove bumble bees from your yard and garden. Wear protective clothing while spraying this. All you have to do is mix equal parts of water and vinegar, put the mixture in a spray can, and spray it. The total number of bee species in New York state is estimated to be 416 species in 47 genera. This section of the website, focusing on the bee species found in New York was provided by Bryan Danforth and Maria van Dyke.We assembled this list of New York bees using the American Museum of Natural History’s Arthropod Easy Capture database (Schuh et al. 2010, Schuh 2012).
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